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Post by Starscream »

Con asked me to make an introduction post.

you can call me Hunter or Starscream. i'm not picky.

i'm quite new here.

there's nothing much about me, i just draw stuff, role play and i like robots, especially transformers. i like nostalgic stuff and 80s-90s aesthetic.

see, i'd write more, but i'm a pretty private person.

that's it. hope to make some friends here!

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Re: hello!

Post by GataChan »

Hello, nice to meet you.
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Re: hello!

Post by SarahAnne »

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Re: hello!

Post by SpartanCommander »

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Re: hello!

Post by Amanda »

I dragged him here from neopets! They seemed like a fun person, even though they like Starscream.
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Re: hello!

Post by Morph »

1 for sorrow 2 for joy 3 for a girl 4 for a boy 5 for a wedding 6 for a birth 7 for a curse that’s buried in the earth 8 for silver 9 for gold 10 for a wolf and you won’t die old
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